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Ajello “Smells like a Remix Orgy” 2012 DWDK

Posted in - Ajello, Nuove by Taver on the June 6th, 2012

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Hello friends,

some exclusive new material out of the Ajello camp: a sweaty 100% italo remix pack by the likes of Luminodisco, The Heels Of Love and Discodromo.

yours sincerely,


Artist: Ajello
Title: Smells Like a Remix Orgy
Cat. Number: DWDK
Release Date: June 20th


1) Ajello feat. Bengi - What’s The Matter (Luminodisco Trenidublia Remix
2) Ajello feat. Krisma - Coconaut Explosion (The Heels Of Love Remix)
3) Ajello feat. Hard Ton - Chocolate Black Leather (Discodromo House Remix)

Click here to listen to the promo

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