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accolto dalla critica italiana ed estera come il definitivo album Italo-Disco
Ajello presentano l’anteprima live in eurovisione
ospiti della serata : Bengi from Ridillo, Jyoti from Babel, Don Cico alias Jean Paul Lazarre,  Balearic Gabba Sound System

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AJELLO “”Smells Like Too Cheesy”” is the infamous italo-Nu-disco duo second album, but let’s Danny do the talk: I know the Ajello guys for years now… even if i met him only during the early Ajello days I “”discovered”” Fabrizio Tavernelli (aka Taver) first, almost 20 years ago on April 25th… he was the leader/singer of a band magnificently called A.F.A. - acid folk alleanza, that day he had an indian headdress that rivals Jamiroquai to death. Since then he has been a proponent of a myriad of projects, music, radio, fanzines, books, labels… from my electronic point of view he really is an INDIE figure in Italy.Luca Roccatagliati aka DJ Rocca has deeply linked its name to Maffia Illicit Club in Reggio Emilia being the resident DJ throughout the whole existence of the club. By chance I was living in Reggio Emilia when the club opened and after gaining experience there as a clubber i have to say there’s no underground music genres of which Rocca has not a superior knowledge: when it comes to funk, jazz, disco, beats and its recent derivates there’s nothing like Rocca’s enviable record collection… from my vinyl lover point of view he really is the DIGGER figure in Italy.Around 2003 when Electroclash was the rule, the two figures joined forces to form AJELLO, a studio project heavily inspired by italo disco and new wave… after 8 years of working together, they are worldwide dubbed as italo nu-disco dons having released music on every cool discoey label on planet earth, re-edited the most impossible hard to find records, remixed the imaginable.Smells Like Too Cheesy has a definitive 80s approach, 12 songs that see Ajello compositional skills to join the vocals of some of our past and present disco heroes: from the legendary Krisma to italo-disco timeless icon Fred Ventura trough the interplanetary XXL disco diva of the XXI Century Hard Ton.When the going gets properly cheesy, Italy always unleash talent… the lovely guys known as Amari, Bengi from funky-cult band Ridillo and new starlette Jyoti all provide great songs to Ajello’s music.Sometimes good cheese becomes awesomely trashy like 80’s cult character Don Cico’ and his back in the days ode to sabre and champagne in Ri-mi-ni.. or when Taver goes Pet Shob Boys - Paninaro with El Charro.Smells Like Too Cheesy will be out on CD / digital formats while a remix edition will be available on vinyl in the new year. with love….

via Ronchi Fosdondo 11, 42015 Correggio, Italy

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