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AA.VV - “Summer Of Danny” EP Danny Was A Drag King 2011

Posted in - Ajello by Taver on the June 19th, 2011

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A great summer sampler from Danny Was A Drag King label, the new label from Ajello and Peedoo (Hell Yeah! Records). Four bombs, and four different project where DJ Rocca is involved…Ajello with Fabrizio Tavernelli, Supersonic Lovers with Marcello Giordani and Jadoo with Michele Tessadri and Gabriele Rampi.
Four track recorded @ Mars Life Studio in Reggio Emilia, and two great featurings…first one with Adam Clay that sing on the Supersonic Lovers italo house track ‘My Soul’, and second with The Disco Queen Hard Ton on the italo boogie ‘Voodoo Love’. The other tracks on the sampler are an original late 80s house homage from Ajello, and a latin house remix from Ajello himself on the amazing ‘Alerta’ track singed by Isa GT.New sampler Maxi Single on AJELLO’s label DWDK with 4 dancefloor bombs


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