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AJELLO Edit single: “Acrostico” EP 2010 Demo-Disc

Posted in - Ajello by Taver on the August 1st, 2010

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AJELLO - Acrostico is out now on Demo-Disc!!
Side A features “Acrostico”, a great funky disco number with an unusual fretless bassline, almost venturing into jazz territory with live sounding drums and hypnotic synth lines. Flip it for “Jay Bees”, a live-played disco-funk number with female vocal party interjections (’wooh, alright’ - that kind of thing). The bass line keeps the groove moving ’til the background noise breakdown comes in, wait for the main chorus riff! Lastly we have the slightly more electronic “Windy Disco” featuring a percussive intro, white noise effects, and a funky guitar riff - perfect for the summer!

Listen - Acrostico
Listen - Jay Bees
Listen - Windy Disco

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