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AJELLO Edit single: “Seam Steam” EP 2010 Demo-Disc

Posted in - Ajello by Taver on the August 2nd, 2010

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AJELLO - Seam Steam is out now on Demo-Disc!!
Ajello is back with the sixth installment in the Demo Disc series in almost as many weeks… “Seam Steam” kicks off proceedings and is a low-slung, electronic disco odyssey into places unknown, “Coffee & Cars” carries on with the electronic theme, giving us quite a percussive driven workout for the dancefloor, while “Livin Inna Fantasy” rounds the 12″ off in true druggy style, with a bongo laden vocal loop of ‘Dance With Me We’re Living in a Fantasy’ repeated endlessly for guaranteed dancefloor nirvana.Listen - Seam Steam
Listen - Coffee & Cars
Listen - Livin Inna FantasyAjello - Seam Steam
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