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Ajello “Silver Tears EP” - 2010 Rebirth

Posted in - Ajello by Taver on the April 1st, 2010

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REB040 - Release Date: 22Th March 2010

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Italian disco dons Ajello are Luca “DJ Rocca” Roccatagliati and Fabrizio “Taver” Tavernelli. Their music ingredients are a concentrated of different experiences: Electro, New-Wave, Italo-Disco, Chicago House, Disco, Neurofunk, Eurodance, Space Sounds. The last Ajello episodes include lucky EPs for Belgian label Radius, the English Deep Freeze, Rebirth, and a Remix Album called ‘Digital Spasm’ on Youngodds label, plus some remixes for labels as Rekids, Philtre, Rebirth, Maxi Disc…with support from djs like Andrew Weatherall, Boy George, Tiga, Luke Solomon John Digweed, Layo & Bushwacka, Nick Fanciulli, Miss Kittin, Funk D’Void, Pete Herbert, Areoplane. They are back on Rebirth with another monster release after 1 year from their ‘Moody Bang EP’ ! ‘Silver Tears’, ‘Spin It’ and ‘Early Sept’ fuse disco elements with Italo influences for a Cosmic sound they love so much. Remixes come courtesy of two great up and coming producers. From Japan Bocca Grande (Kousuke Ishida aka Trio and the former piano teacher Yuka Kobayashi) deliver a fantastic remix of ‘Early Sept’ combining the main elements of the Original with a live classy piano and strings theme.Space Ranger (the four Stuttgart DJs and producers of Dublex Inc. fame) from Germany drop a warmer and deeper mix of ‘Silver Tears’ stripping the track down with a killer bassline and a solid synth-driven disco-boogie ! Irresistable dance music with a spacey futuristic vibe ! Records


DEETRON “love the space ranger remix and spin it is really great as well”
THE BEAT BROKER “really big fan of SILVER TEARS both mixes ! will be playing it all the time”
ERIC DUNCAN (STILL GOING) “nice stuff!! cant wait to play it this weekend..”
ROCKY (X-PRESS 2) “I really like these. Kind of remind me of the tracks from Irma in the 90s.
The original the reprise and the Bocca Grande mixes all work for me.”
DOC MARTIN “Feeling the Silver Tears(Space Ranger Remix).Will get play in Miami.”
GRUM “I really like this, would I be able to have mp3/wav please?  Original mix of Early Sept is my favourite, love the sounds. “
ASHLEY BEEDLE “It’s the Original and Space Ranger mixes of Silver Tears that are doing it for me. Pure class! Big support. “
EKKOHAUS “Another great record here…hard to pick a favorite though…lovin all the original versions and the 2 main remixes”
HUGO “the release is great and the bocca grande reprise is my fave!”
NEUROTIC DRUM BAND “really love this release, all the tracks are great. I love the Bocca Grande remix the most, it’s nice and Bellearic, but the originals are really nice, too. I’d play any of these out.”
PETAR DUNDOV “fantastic release, favorites Early September Original and Silver Tears-  Space Ranger remix”
MASTER H “Thanx for tha Musac….Spin it is the one for me…Keep it real!”
MOODYMANC “Cool release!!! Realy like the nu skool/old skool vibe that runs throughout!!! Nice!!!…deffo my fave thing from you guys for a while…”
CHATEAU FLIGHT (Versatile) “Cool Release !”
JULIAN SANZA “Another big release and what a streak for Rebirth! Ajello makes it again, I love “Early Sept” and “Silver Tears” (Original) Full Support…”
PHIL DARIMONT (ROOM WITH A VIEW) “Great package value all around… The Bocca Grande mix is probably my favorite but the first 2 originals will be tested too…”
FEYGIN “Really nice stuff.. great music.. love the strings on the Bocca Grande remix.. would love the whole release. “
TEDD PATTERSON “Solid release. Love the original “Spin it” and both mixes of “Silver Tears”. All Three deserve attention. “
NICK CHACONA “this is so up my alley! Bravo to the guys! Pls Send over and I’ll be caning this one all summer! their best to date, and ALL of the mixes are DOPE.. All of them.”
KRACK & SMAAK “Would love a link; love the Ajello and Space Rangers stuff!”
JAMES TEEJ “really like the bocca grande remix”
ALEX FROM TOKYO “My fave is the original mix of “Early Sept”!”
ANDRE’ LODEMANN “like the vibe of “spin it” and the bocca grande mix of “early sept””
MIEKA DU FRANCK “yaaa!! Always been an Ajello fan!! SPin it is supa hot, this cut really cuts to the floor!!
Space Ranger remix is bAD ASS, i like the alternate sound of this guitar bass, with techno crunch, crazy idea pulled off smoothly. i will support this, chart and play for these. cheers x thank u”
AXWELL “space ranger remix is nice”
GUY J “Space Ranger remix for me , great one”
TOM FINDLAY (GROOVE ARMADA) “really great tracks, good to hear disco with a clean production sound, Spin It and Silver Tears originals are my favs will play these.”
BERHOUZ “Great package, I really like Early Sep ( Bocca Grande rmx ) also Silver Tears ( Space Ranger rmx ) I will play this for sure during wmc. “
CHRIS COCO “Really like Early Sept - original mix. that’s really groovy. “
JUSTIN ROBERTSON “silver tears is excellent”
JODY WISTERNOFF “A fan of Ajello, digging these tracks”
HECTOR ROMERO “Very nice package - great music here - for me to play out I will play the Space Ranger mix - it has a great groove -”
Q BURNS “Fantastic, as expected. All tracks excellent but especially for my sets it will be Silver Tears, both the original and the remix. In fact, I will fit the Space Ranger remix in on this month’s Invisible Airwaves radio show.”
MARK BELL (SHABOOM) “Love this! favourites are Spin It and Silver Tears Original and Space Ranger remix, please send me those 3 mixes. 9 out of 10,”
ROTCIV “Loving it! Originals and Space Ranger remix are great!”
RENATO COHEN “Great release!!! “Spin it” and “Silver Tears” are really amazing! Im sure is gonna rock!! Will also play Space Rangers rmx a lot!”
JAY SHEPHEARD “Nice pakage! I really like “Silver Tears” space ranger mix and “Early Sept” orig, would love to play them. ”
ROUAL GALLOWAY (FAITH MAGAZINE) “bocca grande reprise - balearic classic in the making - stick some warm beats underneath it”
GLOCAL “congratulation for this great release i loved all mixes. early sept has cool percusions, very hypnotic piano and great harmonic work on the bocca grande remix; spin it has nice one bass and bouncing drums ; silver tears is tottaly cosmic disco, i liked both versions.”
ROBERTO RODRIGUEZ “Excellent release! Beautiful piano action! My favorites are the original and reprise of Early Sept and also the Space Ranger remix of Silver Tears.”
TREVOR ROCKLIFFE “Loving the Spin it original mix.”

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