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Ajello “Smells like a Remix Orgy” EP 2012 DWDK

Posted in - Ajello by Taver on the April 3rd, 2012

The latest twelve inch to arrive from the perma pumping Danny Was A Drag King label sees an all star remix cast tackle material from the excellent Italian duo Ajello. Andy Meecham looms large here, delivering two typically analogue heavy takes on “Dreams Of Paradise” with the opening remix retaining the distinctive tones of Hard Ton amidst an increasingly deviant treatment of analogue machinery. There is also an extended dub version that will tickle the fancy of those who prefer Meecham’s echo laden productions. Elsewhere the under appreciated Finnish duo Hannulelauri turn “Sabrer” into a modern day EBM jacker whilst Ajello’s countrymen Alien Alien drop a growling take on “El Charro” that adopts a twilight house poise.

  Tracks   Play Count
Dream Of Paradise (feat Hard On)   105
Sabrer   69
El Charro   51
Dream Of Paradise” (feat Hard On - Andy Meecham extended dub)   46

Ajello su Gazzetta di Reggio

Posted in Nuove by Taver on the April 3rd, 2012