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2010 : un augurio, un desiderio, una speranza…

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The Heels Of Love - Quiet Please (Ajello Rmx) - 12″-2009 Mad On The Moon Records

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New AJELLO Remix to Heels Of Love out NOW!

Cool discoid grooves from the Mad On The Moon imprint and the Heels Of Love. The original is a sweet riff-based disco nugget, whilst on the remix front Fabrizio Mammarella turns the chugg-factor up to maximum whilst Ajello ups the BPM’s and turns it into a peak time action bomb!

Mad On The Moon Records 2009
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The Heels Of Love - Quiet Please (Ajello Rmx)

Ajello - Do The Job Vol.1 - 12″ (UK)

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Brand New AJELLO Edit label: “Do The Job”. First Volume out NOW!!

Italian discoid dons Ajello get in the re-edit game with their very own series “Ajello Do The Job”… “Telegatto” is an instrumental edit of Heather Parisi’s “Disco Bambina” - a classic from I-F, Loud-E and all Intergalattic FM, this track was released in 1979, and it was the soundtrack from a popular television program on saturday night called ‘Fantastico’.

On the flip “Jabarra Island” is a DJ friendly version of an obscure single-sided 12″ from Paul Jabara called “Pleasure Island” and it was released in 1978 on Casablanca records. The original tune is a pure disco symphony of more than 10 minutes of music, but Ajello took only the last few instrumental minutes and extended the version to six minutes. A pure Baldelli classic back in the day…

Finally “Android Street” is an extended edit of the Sauveur Mallia’s “Robot Avenue” track which was originally included in his rare library album “Automation”. Sauveur Mallia is the bass player from Arpadys and Voyage, two seminal french space disco groups that have really influenced modern Disco producers as Idjut Boys, Emperor Machine, Glimmers and so on.

Ajello - Do The Job Vol.1 - 12″
Do The Job Records 2009

DJs Feedback

Q-Burns Abstract Message

These bits sound great!
Nice job …

Tony Carrasco

Tony Carrasco Feedback 9! -
Very Good THIS EP!…will play this tomorrow night at my STUDIO 54 Party in Zurich!
Che Belloooo questo progetto italo disco style essential!
Heather Parisi is gonna love this.
Thanks Mate and say hello to Ajello for me.
Steve Yanko (Truffle Music)

lovin Telegatto, nice one Luca : ]

In Flagranti

cool, disco bambini still fantastic!!

Dublex Inc

Great edits!!

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Ajello - Telegatto
Ajello - Jabarra Island
Ajello - Android Street

Vegard Wolf Dyvik - Running Out (Ajello Rmx) - 2009 Bete Noir Digitale Records

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New AJELLO Remix to Vegard Wolf Dyvik out NOW!!

New release “Running Out (Of Things To Blame)” from Norwegian Vegard Wolf Dyvik with Preben Olram on Vocals and Bass, is finally out. The release also includes a super cool 90s disco remix by AJELLO and a minimal / tech house workover from OF NORWAY. It’s the first release on AFRO ART’s new sub label BETE NOIRE DIGITALE

Vegard Wolf Dyvik - Running Out (Ajello Rmx) - 12″
Bete Noir Digitale Records 2009


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Vegard Wolf Dyvik - Running Out (Ajello Rmx)