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In radio c’è la vita… Mondariso nuda e cruda in radio a Dijon

Versione acustica del brano degli AFA originariamente incluso nell’album “Nomade Psichico” (1996 Dischi del Mulo/ CPI/Polygram). Il set si è tenuto durante la trasmissione “Il Fuoco D’Italia” in onda su Radio Cultures, Dijon. Per l’occasione Fabrizio Tavernelli Complesso ha partecipato al festival Italiart con tre concerti nel marzo 2017. Fabrizio Tavernelli (voce, chitarra) Marco Santarello (chitarra, cori) Lorenzo Lusvardi (cajon,shaker) Marco Tirelli (basso) Alessandro de Nito (fisarmonica)

Ajello “Montgomery Clift” review on Juno Records

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AJELLO dopo il lungo silenzio…Great Juno Records review on new Ajello out now:
“After 18 months of near silence, Ajello first started teasing us with this in September 2014. Now finally available on 12″, it’s every bit as sprightly, fun and funky as we’d hoped. With Prelude style synth and vocals and the duo’s trademark silken production dynamics, it’s well worth the wait. Remix-wise Luminodisco adds a headier 4/4 dancefloor focus, Yam Who? gets his slap bass boogie on while Rayko takes us to the stars with an epic, cosmic work out that’s not dissimilar to the early work of Prins Thomas. Stunning.”


New Ajello ” Montgomery Clift” (EP Retrospective -UK)

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OUT NOW! Eclisse o ibernazione, ecco “Montgomery Clift” nuovo brano di AJELLO
su Retrospective Records (UK) Another release is out, just to fire your week end…
Ajello is back, and today is the day. 
New 12″ called MONTGOMERY CLIFT feat. Jyoti Guidetti, remixes from Luminodisco, Andy YamWho, Rayko.



In Memoria di Maurizio Arcieri (Krisma)

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Ho avuto la fortuna di collaborare come Ajello nel 2011, seppure a distanza, con Maurizio Arcieri dei Krisma. Ricordo la sua carica, la sua frenesia nel’inviarmi decine di mail con file da cui partire per fare un brano insieme. Il risultato è questo (sviluppato da una sua linea di arpeggiatore e da alcuni samples vocali di Cristina Moser) Ajello featuring Krisma “Coconaut Explosion” dall’album Smells like too Cheesy ……grazie ancora Maurizio da un tuo fan di sempre


AJELLO “Kalimba Tune” ( 2013 RETROSPECTIVE - UK) EP

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“Retrospective is back with a monster of a release. We are proud to kick off 2013 with none other than Italy’s finest; Ajello!
Eclecticism is definately the keyword word of the Ajello project comprising of Luca (DJ Rocca) Roccatagliati and Fabrizio Taver Tavernelli. The Ajello sound features a number of influences all of which can be heard in the tracks on this, their first E.P. on Retrospective; electro, new-wave, italo-disco, disco, neurofunk, eurodance, space sounds, early house.
As this is the first E.P. of 2 from Ajello we decided to pull out all the stops on the remixes for this project. First up is Sean Johnson aka Hardway Bros, undoubtedly one of Future Disco’s pioneers with a heritage to match who delivers a truly unique rework of Kalimba Tune taking us on a trip back to the warehouse sounds of the 80’s. The second mix of Kalimba Tune is delivered by Chris Massey best known for his mixes of 2 Bear’s - Bear Hug, Diplo & Sleazy Mcqueen who delivers a pure Nu Disco groover. In addition, for the digital release Verdo of Danny Was a Drag King fame brings his signature hypno-beat flavor to the fold alongside label owners Ruben & Ra who deliver a taste of Cosmic Jam to Saturday Morning. Quite a package I’m sure you will agree! Keep your eyes peeled for releases by Heion, Rayko, Fingerman, Ruben & Ra plus some other special surprises in 2013.”

12″ : £ 6.98 add to wishlist Buy

Ajello feat Mara Redeghieri “Creature” 2012 DWDK

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Foto: DWDK024

New AJELLO single out on December 10th 2012

CON MARA degli USTMAMO’ : Purveyours of all things italo Ajello are back with a brand new single featuring spoken quirkyness courtesy of Mara Redeghieri (go google her and discover italian band Ustmamò)… 

She adds an extra 90s touch to Ajello’s trad
emark acidic basslines and proto-house melodies 

On top we have an awesome remix by Jadoo that should shake many dancefloors around the world. 

…non aver paura…

Ajello/Various “Smells Like A Remix Orgy” (2012 danny Was A Drag King)

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Entire Release:  

Danir K Rogina (Ajello Remix) on Futurism Vol2 - 2012 EP ISM

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disc   12″

£ 6.99
RELEASE DATE: 20 Aug ‘12
Philippa says: Ace nu-boogie tracks from Bonar Bradberry and Damir K Rogina, plus remixes by The Dead Rose Music Company and Ajello. Another hottie on Yam Who’s Ism imprint.


Bonar Bradberry back once again for London’s Ism Records with ‘Stop & Look’ featuring vocal duties from Odyssey’s Mr Steven Collazo with a heavy production heading straight towards the sound of the Paradise Garage and very D-Train inspired. No wonder the likes of Greg Wilson and Ashley Beedle have jumped on this 80s boogie gem for the past few months.

‘This Way Up’ comes complete with a big room pressure remix from the Dead Rose Music Company. Epic sounding, uplifting in all the right ways and building throughout with intense piano stabs, a deadly persistent bass line that shows no mercy, backed by a tight percussion sounds and surrounded by well placed stereo effects and haunting vocals that is bound to appeal to both house heads and the disco fraternity alike.

Paul Barkworth returns with another 80s led groover on the remix of ‘Stop & Look’, slinky as a Prince production, with delicious synth stabs, warped pads and a quirky off-kilter B-line and backed by his rough and tough trademark beats.

Damir Rogina, the man responsible for turning out Ilija Rudmans productions for close on a decade makes his vinyl debut for Ism Records. Hisapproach to production is to blend funk, Italo, hi-NRG disco all into one sound yet not use a single modern digital instrument or VA or plugin … so for the past year Damir, a self confessed cable junkie, has set up a studio that is 100% representative of the early days of disco, analogue synths, trusty drum machines and hence the new record is born!

Firstly ‘Funk Divine’ is almost a modern day sounding Princesque masterpiece, with its deadly synths, over a sexy rhythm and with a body moving b-line, climaxing into a full on up-tempo exotic disco romp! Rocking the remix is the crazy Italians Ajello with their remake of ‘Sand Worm’. Delightfully camp with dancing synth arpeggios and relentless Rhodes chords this is clearly inspired by Harry Thuman.

TRACK LISTING1. Bonar Bradberry - Stop & Look (Original Mix) 
2. Bonar Bradberry - This Way Up (The Dead Rose Music Company Remix) 
3. Damir K Rogina - Funk Divine (Original Mix) 
4. Damir K Rogina - Sand Worm (Ajello Remix)

N.O.I.A. ‘Looking For Love’ AJELLO VERSION - (EP) 2012 Slow Motion records

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Track artwork

ONE SIDE 12″ out in few weeks on Slow Motion records

Ajello “Smells like a Remix Orgy” 2012 DWDK

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turn your images on to see this promo in its full glory

Hello friends,

some exclusive new material out of the Ajello camp: a sweaty 100% italo remix pack by the likes of Luminodisco, The Heels Of Love and Discodromo.

yours sincerely,


Artist: Ajello
Title: Smells Like a Remix Orgy
Cat. Number: DWDK
Release Date: June 20th


1) Ajello feat. Bengi - What’s The Matter (Luminodisco Trenidublia Remix
2) Ajello feat. Krisma - Coconaut Explosion (The Heels Of Love Remix)
3) Ajello feat. Hard Ton - Chocolate Black Leather (Discodromo House Remix)

Click here to listen to the promo

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